Bonus – A Ninth World Q & A

For our second summer bonus episode I sit down with Kyle Decker (though to be honest I don’t know if he was sitting down), GM and host of Quest Friends, a delightful Numenera Actual Play podcast.

Kyle presents me great questions provided by himself, Tina Daniels, Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast, Steven LaFond, Dylan (Bardic Geek) and Tavius of Spooning in the Apocalypse audio drama. We unpack some of those answers, chew the fat on some behind-the-scenes aspects of the show and the story, and do a bit of character building. An hour packed full of great conversation!

Quest Friends info:

Written, produced, and performed by David S. Dear.

Based on the RPG Numenera by Monte Cook Games, LLC.

Audio engineered by Kevin De Flitch

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