Journal Entry 44: Ipse Scriptio Continua



I’ve been walking for days. I needed to put enough distance between me and that damn circus as I could. I suffered being used, being scammed, being played. And for what? To feel like I pretended like I was jaunting just to entertain a bunch of townies? Lining Ossam’s coffers?

I’ve made it to the coast of Ancuan. I sit here atop the bluffs looking out onto Kelen Bay. The sound of the surf crashing against the cliffs meters below sooths my nerves, a nice substitute for a long exhausted supply of ganch. I close my eyes and allow myself to relax, much as I would do in the quiet wagon. It would likely amount to nothing, but that’s exactly what I had to lose by trying it.

Did I do it? Did I finally jaunt without-

Something’s not right. Something seems… I don’t know, like a dream? More like a memory… I remember this place. I’m outside the Twinned Cities once again. I’m walking toward Jargolamis. No, no. I want to go to Luigolamis. I need to…

I… I can’t turn around. I’m not in control… what is this? What is happening to me?

I’m entering the Jargo tower. It is very much like the inside of the Luigo tower from what I remember. I’m whisked up to one of the platforms and I approach a dome and knock on a door.

Episode 23 excerpts


It’s the Paramount. But this is not her office…

The Reverent Shoum? But…

Wait… I’m seeing through the eyes of my duplicate! These are his memories!

What is this place? Why was he messing around with dimension walking when we need to stop the Amber Pope! It might be interesting to investigate places like this if there wasn’t an imminent threat the Steadfast is facing…

The Shatarak!

Get out of there, get out of there, get out of there!

I recognize this place… I’m in the Temple of the Wellspring! Perhaps there may be merit to this method of jaunting. Looks like I’m about to speak with the Veilwardens…

That was an exercise in futility. Apparently I- er, he gained nothing from that. The most prudent thing to do next would be to return to the Durkahl, find a way to confront the Amber Pope, or spread word of the propaganda in the largest city of the Steadfast.

Charmonde? How foolhardy is that? The Reverent is right, that is a risky move. Why would I possibly want to-

Oh, no no no! Those nanites are nothing to be trifled with! What was I thinking? What was he thinking?

Oh no… I recognize her. The bounty hunter! This is why it was risky returning to Charmonde!

It looks like I chose to seek asylum in Dynafel. Yes, I’m headed to see Narla Deshu. I suppose I was searching for counsel from her. She is wise beyond her years.

Of course I left without charging the vest. I need to learn to reign in my impulsiveness before it gets me in even greater trouble than it has already.

Ah, this valley is quite lovely. The giant crystal is very impressive to behold. That must be the old man they were speaking of…

Great. Lost again. And in a strange dimension.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. I’ve been sent back to where that crushing hall effect is. Januae… run! Give it everything you got!

Oh no… don’t you realize who this is? Come on, come on… get up, get away before-

It caught up with me. It found me. Gods… no…

It killed me… it destroyed me… destroyed him… Worlds… that could have been me. That was me…

A part of me has died. I can feel it. So senseless. And for what? He never learned to control the jaunting. He died just trying to get a shard from that crystal there, just trying to get back to…

That crystal. That’s the Gtharren Crystal. I’m in the Gtharren Valley. I did it…. I DID IT!!!