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A Ninth World Journal

A Ninth World Journal is a science fantasy audio drama podcast set in the very distant future. The stories document the travels of Januae, a researcher who suffered a teleportation accident and now uncontrollably jaunts to strange places throughout the Ninth World.


The first season premiered in January 2019 and consists of 11 episodes.

The second season premiered August 2019.

New episodes release every two weeks during the regular seasons with an extra bonus episode available to patrons at the end of the month.


Written and produced by David S. Dear
Audio engineered by Kevin De Flitch
Based on the roleplaying game Numenera created and published by Monte Cook Games, LLC.
Cover art based on a concept from Monte Cook Games created by Ryan Chaddock and Katherine Gohring
Episode artwork courtesy of Monte Cook Games and thd777

A Ninth World Journal embraces marginalized peoples including LGBTQ+ and BIPOC, and invites  them into the stories and the cast of the show.
This show is produced on the land that was previously home to the unjustly displaced native tribe of the S’Puyalupubsh (Puyallup) people who were removed from this land.


Januae is performed by David S. Dear
Colred is performed by Kyle Decker
Bishop Kliambala is performed by Shannon Perry
Halite Gabra is performed by Jessica Boudreau
Triasha is performed by Tina Daniels

What listeners are saying

“You don’t really require any knowledge of Numenera, the universe is well set up and engrossing. Give it a listen.”
~ DeejSylvis

“It reminds me of the books I would read as a kid. Wonderful fantastical world that I feel welcomed into instantly. It does a wonderful job of setting everything up quickly so I’m not left confused by who is who and what location is what. Will eagerly be waiting for more!”
~ Directive Podcast

“The creator of this show has a voice and a knack for writing that takes me back to being young again and seeing the world with fresh eyes. The story is sweeping, the setting is wonderful…. This show has become a nightly thing for me, thanks to the length of the episodes and the wonderful voice of the creator, I am able to put this on and relax. Now about keeping that main character out of trouble…”
~ Rukland

 “I’m all caught up on @9thWorldJournal.  You should check it out!  It’s an engaging adventure story/travelogue in a fascinating world and the bite sized episodes leave you wanting more.”
~ parasitecology podcast

“… incredibly vividly written, nail-biting, suspenseful story set in the world of one of my favorite cyber-fantasy tabletop games, Numenera!  I can’t wait to see what happens next!”
~ Tendril: The Banshee Chronicles podcast

“…listened to all of @9thWorldJournal, which had me wrapped around its little finger even though I’ve never played the TTRPG it’s based on. Great music and a damn commanding voice.”
~ Bobby Snails

“We wanted to give a shoutout to the wonderful #audiodrama podcast @9thWorldJournal. They do a beautiful job of using the rich world of #Numenera to full effect. Fun for anyone, but a must for players of the TTRPG!”
~ Still Lives podcast


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