About David S. Dear

David brings over 25 years experience developing his talent and skills in voice work which includes acting, directing and producing live theater and improvisation, staged and recorded play readings, a nationally syndicated radio show, and producing and hosting several podcasts. Over two decades of experience in acting and script reading has gained him proficiency in a wide range of genres including non-fiction in historical, inspirational/motivational, instructional and biographical as well as fiction in science fiction, comedy and drama, romance, suspense, thriller, satire, and farce.

Journal Entry 21: Recovery

As Januae continues working the nanite cleef in his enslavement, his circumstance is about to change… for better or worse?  

Written and produced by David S. Dear.

Based on the RPG Numenera by Monte Cook Games, LLC.

The voice of Colred is performed by Kyle Decker.
The voice of Bishop Kliambala is performed by Shannon Perry.
The voice of Januae is performed by David S. Dear.

Music is Hitman by Kevin MacLeod at http://incompetech.com

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